Victor's log of and on life after graduating from The University of Arizona, BS in Systems Engineering and Engineering Management, May 2004.

Friday, May 21, 2004

Non-Socially Acceptable Gambling Has Begun!

Here are my picks:

Risking $50.00to win $65.50

Risking $55.00to win $50.00

Risking $50.00to win $56.00

Risking $50.00to win $80.00

[964] BRAVES ATL -1½+180RL (O. PEREZ/R. ORTIZ)
Risking $50.00to win $90.00

Why I hate the Del Sol part 2

Not much to this story other than call the Del Sol up to see if they have a 6/12 game going and they do...go over there and there's only 3/6. So I play 3/6 with the intention of not being there a while. Make 80 bucks in about an hour then lose it all and eventually I have bought in for $250. At 3am and being at the Del Sol for 7 hours I am down $40 when the table broke up. So with a second place finish in a Party Poker $50 single-table-tourney, my SSAG earnings for the day is $55 which drops me below the $20/hour rate for the summer.

I'll be entering the California State Poker Championships $300 buy-in no-limit hold'em tournament next Friday at Commerce Casino. This is pretty much as big time as I've gotten in the 18 months I've been playing poker.

Also I'll be taking over my friend Brian's blog on the Padres while he's in Austrailia. It's if you want to check it out...I'll also be putting up baseball picks while writing on that site (whether or not that will start the NSAG earnings line, I have yet to decide).

Victor's Summer Job Update:
NSAG: $0
SSAG: $628 (+$55)
SAG: $0
Total:$628 or $19.63/hr (4 days)

15 Days until Belmont!!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Why I hate the Del Sol

I made 200+ playing poker today at the Casino Del Sol and I played a 3/6, 6/12 and NL Hold'em Tournament. I made $15 in the 3/6 game, $123 in the 6/12 and netted 63 by finishing 7th in the tournament. Now to the part where I hate the Del Sol. Let's start with the 3/6 game, basically since 3/6 is nicknamed no fold'em hold'em you have players staying in just because cards are suited or what not and will get lucky by staying in when they really shouldn't have been, then start smiling as if they are the best poker players in the world even though in the long run they stand to get mowed down and probably are at a net loss for their lifetime. However, I don't play enough against them to take advantage of that steady-state. 6/12 was good especially since I was playing for only 30-45 mins.

Now on to NL Hold'em. You get players that are around my age that think they are the shit because they know a lot of terms or watch World Poker Tour religiously. My friend Ravi saw someone that was wearing some ridiculously large sunglasses at the casino bar, intensely watching WPT. This guy was gone by the first hour. There's this one guy that for some reason had it in for me, maybe the way I was betting since I was the chip leader at the table or whatever, saying that he'll call any of my all-ins even if he had 2-7. He must have some personal vendetta against me I don't know about. Needless to say this guy got mowed down holding QQ against a QK and a K shows up then starts mumbling about how he was an 80% favorite. Actually, he's only 68%. But that's the game, unless he has the guy drawing dead, there's still a chance. Like the WSOP slogan used to be, "any two cards can win." I gladly knocked him out two hands later. I hate people who think that probability should always plays in their favor at any given point. I finished 7th out of 80.

Lost $36 on the horses today. Needless to say this is what I did all day.

Victor's Summer Job Update:

NSAG: $0
SSAG: $573 (+$165 today)
SAG: $0
Total: $573 or $23.88/hr (3 Days)

16 Days Until Belmont!!!

One More Post Tonight

Just want to keep playing with this. Will keep chugging away at learning Python along with the options market. Need to be more consistent in golf game (need new clubs).

First Two Days

Even though I graduated last Saturday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday have been a blur especially since there are conversations and events that did were not actually supposed to happen in that timeframe. So why am I doing this? Boredom and at least I can see that I did something this summer before I return to Arizona to do my Master's degree. Well my job is currently paying me $25/hr since Monday (more on that later). Signed a lease for 1 bedroom apartment at La Aldea which are graduate apartments at the UofA. I have a full view from the third floor into Coronado (the dorm I lived in my freshman year) from my balcony so it's time to buy some binoculars!

Had to wake up Chris at 11pm who was asleep all day. Apparently he went to sleep at 11am.

I have decided to break up gambling into 3 different categories: non-socially-acceptable gambling, semi-socially-acceptable gambling and socially-acceptable gambling. NSAG would be games such as blackjack, craps and sports betting. SSAG would be poker and horse racing. SAG would be financial markets. So my 25/hr (based on 2 8-hour work days) job right now falls into the SSAG category as I have mad $408 since Monday casually playing single table tourneys on party poker. Hopefully I will make some money in the SAG category as I am reading Trade Options Online and my friend Ravi is reading The Complete Options Player. Also reading Moneyball (it's on baseball) which I should have finished last summer.

Still don't know where I'm going to get a massage as good as that 30 second one from Tricia.

Victor's Job Update:
SAG: $0
SSAG: $408
NSAG: $0
17 days until Belmont!!!